Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Tired and weary you made no fuss,
You tried so hard to stay with us.
You suffered so much and told so few
You never deserved what you went through.
I will miss you so very, very much.
All my love, your sister,

Friday, November 23, 2012

My Darling Sister Agatha

Not a day passed when we didn't speak... we shared everything. Our love, our family, our pain and our joys.

I miss you my darling sister.
You were not only my sister but my best friend.
I never thought our lives together would ever end
but now you have gone I miss you so.
I shed silent tears, my tears just flow.
You and I have been through thick and thin
but in the end we both will win.
When you were suffering I felt your pain.
You confided in me over and over again
how you wanted this suffering and pain to end
and finally it’s over to Heaven you’ve been sent.
You will always be my sister and my best friend.
My love for you my darling, my love will never end.
Your suffering and pain, at my heart it tore
but one day my dearest we’ll be together once more,
I pray to God in the Heavens above
to bestow on you His eternal love.
So when you see a new star in the sky to shine
You’ll know that it is that beautiful sister of mine.

© CJ Roccisano

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is remembrance day,
for every soldier who went away,
to a far land they went to fight,
some came back,some thought they might.
They were in Gallipoli, to keep us safe,
Australian and New Zealand men were so brave.
There were older men, some just boys,
only a few years ago, were playing with toys.
Why are there wars, why do we fight?
Every man should be able to see daylight
but mothers suffered in so much pain,
they would never see their sons again.
Wives and lovers cried each day
because their brave soldiers went away.
Fathers missed their sons so much,
they would never stay in touch.
Children had their fathers no more,
all they got is the medals they wore.
So our people please be proud,
on Anzac Day, sing aloud.
Let others know, lest we forget,
for all those men we've never met.
Be proud of our soldiers, who never saw their country again,
be proud also of the ones who returned. For it was not in vain.
©  CJ Roccisano

Seventy Three

22 March 2012
On Thursday I will be seventy three
but that is just between you and me.
an old bag with wrinkles on my skin
some day some one will throw me in the bin.
But who cares some don’t reach my age
their death notices you can read them on a page
but when you live as long as I have done
you can’t climb stairs or go for a run.
I just hope I live another twenty years
I hope when i say that some one cares.
Don’t be surprised when you next see me
because if you call me old bag I’ll charge you a fee.
My life as been long, mostly good but sometimes bad
but I’m still here, so don’t feel too sad.
I love my life most of the time
so don’t be worried, children of mine.
©  CJ Roccisano

For Agatha

My darling sister, my best friend
our love for each other will never end.
If we could turn back the hands of time
we could do so much more when we were in our prime.
We had so much fun and never were sad,
some people would say that we were quite mad.
We laughed and were always on our way
and never cared what people might say.
The toilet rolls which rolled down the street
we were so busy and so were our feet.
The sister we teased day after day,
we were pests but would not go away.
Bingo and the Casino were our favourite thing
we were always happy with our little fling.
I hope one day when we are gone
that we still have fun together but not alone.
You’ll be my sister and my best friend forever and ever
our love for each other will never sever.
So my darling sister, I will be there
we’ll always be together everywhere.

©  CJ Roccisano

Monday, November 28, 2011

Three Wishes

If I could get three wishes which could come true
the first one I would ask for is happiness for me and you.
Happiness that would be fulfilled for a very long time,
Happiness and love that would be yours and mine.
The second wish I would ask for would be for a world of peace
for the wars to end, for starvation and sadness to cease
for people on earth to live a life of content,
for all the pain and suffering and unhappiness to end.
The third wish is for everyone to be in good health
for children with smiles, with which our hearts melt.
For all the disasters and pains to leave this earth,
then for every one living here would be well worth.
©  CJ Roccisano

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nellie's Natter: My Daddy

Nellie's Natter: My Daddy: "My father never went to war,he had a wife and two children to care for.He went out in the middle of the night,to get food for us,not to figh..."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Daddy

My father never went to war,
he had a wife and two children to care for.
He went out in the middle of the night,
to get food for us,not to fight.
He was a brave man who had to hide,
so his family were safe or we would have died.
He protected us from all things that were bad,
my mummy was crying and always so sad.
She was scared she would lose us all,
she was also worried my dad wouldn't call.
For weeks we didn't see him but he finally came,
he looked so tired, he was not the same.
When the bombs fell, we had to leave home,
we were divided for a long time to come.
It took a few years before the enemy lost,
with many humans and soldiers, their life it cost.
Many survived but so many more died,
so many people were relieved but so many cried.
I finally went home to my mum and dad,
for once we were happy, not anymore sad.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

My Darling

You looked so tired, you looked so weak,
deep in my heart I knew you were sick.
One day you were laughing and in such good health
we were together, we didn't need wealth.
We used to go dancing, have so much fun,
we used to go fishing and sit in the sun.
The last time we went away, we went so far,
we drove to places everywhere in our car.
When we returned you didn't feel well
you tried to walk but suddenly you fell.
Oh God what has happened, have we come to an end?
Will you ever get better, will you ever be on the mend?
We have so much to live for you and me,
I know now my darling this will never be.
I know you are going and leaving me soon,
we will never walk again under the silvery moon.
I can feel it in my soul you are slipping away,
my heart has been broken, you are not to stay.
I'll try to be brave, I won't let you see me cry,
I will hold you my darling until the time has passed by.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

My Delight

The night has come the long day has gone
I feel so light-hearted, not at all alone.
I can see the fairies playing in a tree
they are showing of their skills and amusing me.
Then I look up at the stars and the bright moon
I hope this lasts and the morning doesn't come too soon.
I'm having the time of my life, enjoying all things I see
I wish more people could witness this and were more like me.
I can see wonderful things, so many that are around
not everything that's beautiful is on the ground.
Do you see the stars? Do you wonder what they could be?
How do we know there are no people there just like you and me,
and then do they wonder about what's on earth?
Do they also have happiness, sorrows and mirth?
Then there are the fairies people do not see
because they do not experience what has happened to me.
Fairies make me smile, they are the cutest thing to watch
but they like to be left alone, so please do not touch.
I love the night times, I like to be alone,
no one interrupts me, all the people are gone.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Life

All is dark, the skies are not blue
the great depression is getting a hold on you,
the mind cannot comprehend what's happening out there
the world has gone crazy, no help anywhere.

My thoughts are so sad, my heart's in pain
to know I've got to go on living is driving me insane.
Where is the peace we so expect?
Where is the glory and happiness to effect?
The mind and heart cannot take any more
the meanness and darkness at my heart it tore.
When will I be delivered from this suffering of mine?
When will all change and the sun again shine?
When will the peace in my heart and mind return?
When will my body and soul ever learn?
When will all this darkness and pain go away?
I hope one day soon and goodness will stay
but until then I will suffer in silent pain
and hope that my future will soon be peaceful again.

© 2007 CJ Roccisano

Sunday, February 20, 2011


It was a very eerie night,
it was dark, and not a soul in sight.
The wind was whispering in the tree,
I could see shadows in the cemetery.
It was so quiet, no voices I could hear,
I was so scared, I cringed in fear.
I saw a hand beckoning me,
oh gosh whoever could that be?
I hid behind something I thought was a fence,
I felt so terrible and was very tense.
The worst thing was, there were no stars, or moon,
I couldn't find my way, daybreak couldn't come too soon.
I was so vulnerable on this night,
if anyone would touch me I would put up a good fight.
Then suddenly someone grabbed me in the dark,
I let out a yell but it left its mark.
Because I yelled, it disappeared from sight
in this horrible dark, eerie night.
Then I saw creatures, all dressed in white,
it was the most scariest sight.
They danced, their arms flew around,
but still, I couldn't hear a sound.
Finally I saw the start of morning light,
I knew then that I would be alright.
I hope never to experience this again
because I will surely go insane.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

Little Angels

Little angels are born every day,
tiny little souls are on their way,
small little feet, small little hands,
different races, different lands.
It's such a wonder, God's precious gifts,
it's such a miracle, the soul it uplifts.
Those angels are born for us to take care,
and with love and devotion, that we must share.
They are so precious, they are so small,
we have to protect them, from all kinds of fall.
One day they will grow and become like we are now,
but until then, we have to hold them, that's our vow.
©  2007 CJ Roccisano

Saturday, February 19, 2011


My beautiful Mama, my true friend
to me you were heaven send.
You were my angel when I was small,
you picked me up when I had a fall.
You kissed my pains away so quick,
you stayed by my bedside when I was sick.
If I was sad you would make me laugh,
you taught me about God up above.
You told me stories when I went to sleep,
you made sure in safety I would keep.
When I had dreams which you could not make come true
you explained in a gentle voice that one day they might do.
I felt so safe when I sat on your knees,
I felt so loved and in such peace.
I kissed your soft skin and held your hand
when we walked together through the sand.
Oh God what have become of those days?
I wished we could go back in all those ways.
My Mama if you knew how I miss you so,
I adored you and never wanted to let you go
but you went to heaven with a broken heart
because when Dad was gone you fell apart.
I tried to understand why you left me alone
but you were tired and you finally went home,
the home where now you are at peace
where the love of our Lord will never cease.
My memories of you are everywhere,
wherever I am you are always there.
© 2007 C J Roccisano

My Sister, My Friend.

My sister, my friend, you always cared,
everything you had, you always shared,
you looked after me, since I was small,
I was so little, to me you looked so tall.
We went through a wartime, you kept me from harm,
you never lost your cool, you kept your charm,
you knew I was frightened,of any bad storm,
if I was shivering from the cold, you kept me warm.
When we grew up, we moved to a land far away,
but we never parted, we did not stray.
Then we got married, we drifted apart,
we both made changes, we made a new start,
we never lost contact, we wrote to each other,
then we lost dad, a year later our mother.
I had moved back to where you are now,
I will never forsake you, and that is my vow.
Now we are old, and gone quite grey,
but you are still my best friend.  I'll always say,
whoever goes first to our father, up above,
the other will be waiting, with all  their love,
we will be together again, you, me, mum and dad,
so please my dear friend, my loving sister, please don't be sad.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My 9/11 Tribute

9/11 was a very sad day.
Thousands of people have passed away.
The devil got into men's head
to see the destruction was so sad,
people were crying and running around
while others could hear that terrible sound.
Why are some people so hateful and bad?
Why did they make thousands of people so sad?
Parents lost children, they will never again see,
children still ask where mummy and daddy could be.
Terrorism is terrible, it brings so much pain
people will never see their loved ones again.
Terrorists are giving their own life too
they don't care what their children do.
It's a cruel world, some people are so evil
They say they believe in God, but obey the devil.
It's quite beyond me how inhuman they can be,
their own families suffer, can they not see?
To hurt or kill so many, they are so bad
to give us no hope and make all of us sad.
People are brave they go on with their lives
although some have lost children, husbands and wives.
Whom ever they have lost on that terrible day
the pain will go on, it will never go away.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

Monday, February 14, 2011


They say money is the evil of all things
but remember also the good things it brings.
Some use their money to help the needy.
Some people keep it all, because they're greedy.
Some don't have enough to feed their kids.
Some people gamble and up their bids.
Some save money for a rainy day.
Some use it unwisely and throw it away.
I use my money to buy my food,
to pay my bills and I feel good.
I would like to be rich for a little time,
to help others and I would feel fine.
I'm not saying I would give it all up.
I would put some in a saving cup,
put the rest in the bank, so I know I've got some
and use it real wisely when the time does come.
It is so good dreaming of having a lot,
but happiness is, what you really got.
So never be unhappy, just accept what you possess
and don't be greedy, you'll never be in a mess.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Friend

A friend is someone you can trust
to keep a secret is just a must
not someone who runs and tells everyone
what you have told them they should tell none.
A friend is someone when you're in need
and if you can help them, do so indeed.
A friend is someone you can rely on at any time
or they can rely on you, that is a friend of mine.
I hate to be betrayed by a so called friend
I'll never be their friend again, that would be the end.
© 2007 CJ Roccisano

Friday, February 11, 2011

Never give up

The floods in Queensland have taken every thing. 
People don’t smile, birds don’t sing.
The sorrows for children, their mum and dad
the homes they lost, it is so sad.
Lives have been lost, they are gone
leaving so many of us alone.
But we are Queenslanders, we are strong
no matter what’s happened or what went wrong
we will survive once again
even though we have endured so much pain.
One day this will be a sad memory to us all
but we Queenslanders will stand strong and tall.
We thank those people who saved our lives
the children, mothers fathers, husbands and wives.
Once again people will smile and birds will sing.
Once again love will conquer all and happiness it’ll bring.
So folks out there do not despair
we all will look forward to a better year.  
© 2011 CJ Roccisano